reported that one ice cream truck company that they know of is no longer visting neighborhoods. The reason? Kids aren't going outside enough to justify sending the trucks out... Geesh, that's sad.

One of the best parts of my childhood and maybe yours too was when you heard that (now annoying) song getting louder and louder down the street and whipped off the couch cushions looking for spare change to rush outside and catch the truck. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only kid who was too late bugging mom for cash and hopped his bike chasing the dang truck down! It's pretty safe to assume what the kids are doing inside... but it's really no assumption: They're glued to their devices. My kids are. My five year old is probably kicking your teenager's butt at Fortnite, but we get them outside a lot too... Oh, well.

The good news: The trucks aren't dying completely and it looks like they haven't slowed in Utica yet. But if they do, it's likely that you'll still see them parked at food truck rallies and outdoor events, just no longer at your front door.

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