Now we always hear the stories how people lose a fortune in Casinos so it’s good to see a group of people winning right? The Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City is suing a group of lucky gamblers who won $1.5 million in mini-baccarat caused by a deck of unshuffled cards. So the casino screwed up and they expect the winners to pay? Screw that! 

So I know what you’re thinking: How long did it take for gamers to realize the screw up? From reports it seemed a matter of hands. When the players at the table figured out what was going on, they raised their bets from 20 bucks to $5,000 and tried to cash in as quickly as possible. The unshuffled deck led to 41 winning hands in a row.

The casino is refusing to pay some of the players, claiming “the game was illegal because the cards were not shuffled”. I think that’s bull! They should have to pay up, it was their screw up.

What do you think?



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