The horrific limousine crash that left 20 dead has families struggling financially for final expenses and orphaned children. Here is a list of all the GoFundMe pages so far.

In a tragic twist of fate, 20 lives were ended on Saturday, October 6, 2018, in a devastating limo crash that has left a community reeling, families devastated, children orphaned, and America in a state of shock.

Federal, state and local investigators are on the scene of the accident trying to find out what went wrong, and while we await the results, many are struggling with unbelievable grief for the families of the loved ones left behind. Making a small donation to a GoFundMe Page may help ease some of the helplessness we're all feeling.

Below is a list of all the victims of the crash, you can follow the link attached to those with a GoFundMePage.

Limousine Passengers: Follow Links for GOFundMe Pages

Axel J. Steenburg, 29, Amsterdam, NY
Richard M. Steenburg, 34, Johnstown, NY
Amy L. Steenburg, 29, Amsterdam, NY
Allison King, 31, Ballston Spa, NY
Mary E. Dyson, 33, Watertown, NY
Robert J. Dyson, 34, Watertown, NY
Abigail M. Jackson, 34, Amsterdam, NY
Matthew W. Coons, 27, Johnstown, NY
Savannah D. Bursese, 24, Johnstown, NY
Patrick K. Cushing, 31, Troy, NY
Amanda D. Halse, 26, Troy, NY
Erin R. McGowan, 34, Amsterdam, NY
Shane T. McGowan, 30, Amsterdam, NY
Amanda Rivenburg, 29, Colonie, NY
Adam G. Jackson, 34, Amsterdam, NY
Rachael K. Cavosie, 30, Waterford, NY
Michael C. Ukaj, 34, Johnstown, NY

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