It seems to me more and more people are gluten free, either by choice or necessity.  Several of my friends are now gluten free and it's always a struggle to figure out what to serve them at parties.  Going to the liquor store to buy for these gatherings is always a challenge. 

Greg Gorea, Co-Owner of Seneca Wine and Liquor in New Hartford said "we get many requests for gluten free alcohol products.  We tell customers to stay away from brown whiskeys because they are wheat based and the general rule is stick with Potato Vodka, Rum, and Tequila for hard liquor and mostly every wine is free of gluten."  This is helpful, but what about the mixers?

I heard at a recent event of a new app called "Gluten Free Bartender" and it was developed by Linda Salerno.  Her husband Dan was forced to adopt a gluten free lifestyle and Linda said it was a struggle.  Not just for Linda and Dan, but for friends and family who would be hosting parties and trying to provide safe options for Dan to enjoy.  There was plenty of books out there offering the dos and don'ts of food, but there was nothing out there Linda said that offered safe delicious options to enjoy at the local bar, parties or events.  The bartenders are trained to make delicious drinks, but really are not trained to offer advice on gluten free options.  Around the same time all this was going on, the App craze began and the lightbulb went off for Linda and the "Gluten Free Bartender" app was born.  What makes the app so helpful is the ability to have it at your fingertips anywhere.  The app is really neat as it lists beer, cider and alcohol that are safe to drink.  It even includes some basic drink recipes to enjoy along with themed drinks too.

So if you know a loved one who is gluten free, or plan on hosting a party and want to provide safe "adult beverage options" to your gluten free guests to enjoy, just download the app "Gluten Free Bartender" and let the party begin!




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