If you're looking for a camping experience unlike anything else, you'll want to look into reserving your spot at this farm in the Catskills.

A giant geometric dome sits on the 12-acre property of The Outlier Inn in the Southern Catskills, about 90 miles outside of New York City. But this stay, listed by Superhost Joshua on Airbnb, offers so much more than just a cool place to rest your head at night.

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Geo Dome Farm Stay in the Catskills

Because of its unique flair and the modern farm experience the farm offers, this isn't the cheapest excursion out there. It costs $750 per night to book the geo dome, and there is a two-night minimum requirement. After the cleaning fee, service fee, and occupancy taxes and fees, visitors will be looking at forking out just over $1800 for a two-night stay. Luckily, the dome fits a ton of people, so you can get a group together and everyone can chip in.

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