Here in Utica, we have heard several stories of the Stanley Theatre being haunted. In Syracuse, it appears ghost also like to hang out after the performance has ended at the Landmark Theatre.

According to Haunted Houses, there appears to be at least three ghosts that haunt the location. One of these spirits is a female entity of an actress named Clarissa. Clarissa likes to play practical jokes by making her presence known by the aroma of Lilacs, and appearing in front of the living at the "most unexpected times." Can you imagine walking to your seat and already having a woman there?

Other spirits include two different male entities: a former stage hand Oscar Rau, and another of a janitor named Charlie.

Oscar: His apparition has been seen on stage, going about his business of doing his various tasks/duties. He likes to putter around the theatre's large lighting board back stage.

Charlie: His apparition has been seen around the areas he was in charge of while alive, dressed in 70s clothes. He is probably also protective of the theatre, as he was while alive, helping to keep out intruders."

Have you ever experienced anything paranomal related at the Landmark Theatre? Share your ghost stories in the comments below.


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