Who wants an up close and personal experience with a Pygmy hippo? Maybe get a hippo painting? You can at The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango during an off-season encounter.

Meet Yeti, a 1 year-old Pygmy Hippo that loves to eat sweet potatoes. You can help feed him and learn all about Pygmy Hippos during your encounter with a trained keeper. You'll even get a painting to take home, crafted by Yeti himself.

Photo Credit - The Wild Animal Park

Yeti even made one for Wild Park owner Jeff Taylor on National Boss's Day.

Photo Credit - Jeff Taylor

You can now book your half hour up close and personal encounter with Yeti. 1-2 people is $200. 3-4 people is $300. Each additional person is $50.

Yeti isn't the only animal you can get up to close to. Meet Stella and Stanley for a sloth encounter.

Photo Credit - The Wild

"Any interaction is on the sloths terms and can include feeding and touching," says Ashley Rounds at the Wild Animal Park.

The sloth encounter costs $150 for 2 people. Up to 4 people it's $200. Each additional person is $50 with the maximum of 6 people. "The age limit is 6 and older and children must be accompanied by an adult," says Rounds. "Waivers must be signed as well."

Encounters with Yeti, Stella and Stanley are just the beginning. "We will have other new encounters coming this offseason," said Taylor.

Anyone want to meet a penguin? Taylor says more details are coming soon.

Photo Credit - The Wild Animal Park

To book your encounter call 315-510-3347 or online at WildParkShop.com.

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