Did you set New Year's Resolutions for yourself? If so, how are you doing with them?

Don't worry, there's no judgements here. Believe me, the "eat healthy and exercise" one is going just about as well as it always does for me.

Stewart's was founded in 1945 in Ballston Spa (Lainie Rae)
Stewart's was founded in 1945 in Ballston Spa (Lainie Rae)

That being said, not everyone has to commit to eating healthy, dieting, going to the gym or even saving money. Instead, with the world turned upside down and uncertainty surrounding us at every turn, why not use your New Year's Resolution as an opportunity to have some fun.

One local family is doing just that, and let me tell you, they're in for one sweet ride.

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Meet the Local Family Visiting EVERY Stewart's Shop There Is

Yes, you read that right. There is a local family that, as we speak, are canvassing the globe in 2022 in an attempt to visit every single Stewart's Shops location currently open to the public.

A story published by ABC News 10 highlighted the family, their journey, and their way of tracking their progress, which they're doing on a custom-made Instagram account. The account, aptly-titled @stewartsshopsorbust2022, is run by the family, who post a picture every time they cross a location off of the list.

Here is the inaugural post from January 1, 2022...

And, here is their most recent post, from earlier today, from the Stewart's location in Haines Falls...

All told, the family has visited 33 of the 354 total locations, as of Tuesday, February 1st. That's nearly a Stewart's Shop-a-day, and the jury is still out on whether or not this journey will keep the doctor away.

All of that being said, I am TOTALLY on-board for what this family is doing. Yes, it's a bit unconventional, but it's a great bonding experience for any family, and it's a free excuse to travel to the more scenic and remote corners of the Tri-State area and beyond.

Stewart's has over 350 locations, including countless in the Capital Region (Google Maps)
Stewart's has over 350 locations, including countless in the Capital Region (Google Maps)

Plus, let's be real with one another...it's going to be delicious the entire way through.

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