Motorized bikes are the new rage. But did you know certain bicycles are illegal on New York roads.

A bicycle equipped with a gas motor becomes a 'motor vehicle' by legal definition and is subject to all motor vehicles laws in New York, just like any other moped, motorcycle, or similar vehicle. You would not only need a valid driver’s license, you'd have to register and insure the vehicle as well.

However, gas powered bikes don't meet safety standards and cannot be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in New York State, making them illegal to operate on public roadways.

New York State Law only allows electric bicycles or electric scooters to be driven on roads and only on streets with a speed limit of 30 MPH or less.

You cannot register or operate any of the following vehicles on any street, highway, parking lot, sidewalk or other area in New York State that allows traffic. You may be arrested or given a ticket if you do.

Mini-bike - a small, motorized device with two wheels and created for off-road use. A mini-bike doesn’t qualify as a moped, a motorcycle or an ATV.

Off-road Motorcycle (Dirt Bike) - A motorcycle designed for use on off-road trails or in off-road competitions. Unless exempt, these vehicles must be registered as an ATV.

Go-Kart - a small, motorized device with four wheels, created for off-road use. You can’t register a go-kart as a motor vehicle or ATV because a go-kart doesn’t have the same equipment.

Golf Cart - a small motorized device with four wheels designed to carry people. You can’t register a golf cart as an ATV. Many low speed vehicles are similar in appearance to a golf cart, and can be registered and driven on New York State highways.

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