Texas is being hit with sub freezing temperatures and the lack of experience with cold temperatures is causing havoc.

Cooler temperatures occur during the winter in the Houston area, but that normally means temps in the mid-60s. Houston has been experiencing temperatures in the single digits over the last week and the problem there is frozen and bursting water pipes.

There's an enormous increase in carbon monoxide poisoning as people attempt to heat their homes with propane or sleep in their cars. Additionally, as temperatures submerge to below freezing, homes are suffering from bursting water pipes which affect everyone on the grid.

Former WIBX host Brad Davies has been living in Houston for the last several years and told WIBX on Friday he's never seen anything like this dip freeze. While he only lost power for about 20 minutes, he fears because off the cold his water pipes could burst. Davies has spent the last week insulting his water pipes, using a trick from Upstate New York to avert disaster,

Davies also said the Ted Cruz controversy has dominated the news.  Cruz, after losing power in his home, decided to take his family to Mexico to escape the disaster. Local news outlets have reported the Cruz's exit was a point of contention, as many residents felt he should have been on the scene in Texas to assist people as they faced adversity during the storm. Davies said, the visual for Cruz was not good, even though he returned early from his trip on Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to warm over the next week in the Houston region. Normal high temperatures range from 65 to 70 degrees this time of year in Houston.


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