With March finally upon us, many in the Northeast are gearing up for spring and the return of two things we don't see near enough of in the winter: sun and warmth.

But, as we all know, the end of winter isn't simply triggered by hitting a switch, it takes a while and there's usually some flipping back and forth between seasons before spring settles in. This looks to be the case for the short-term forecast as we count down the days remaining until spring. You may have noticed some well above average high temperatures for the tail end of the weekend. The Mohawk Valley is expecting temps in the lower 60's this Sunday, accompanied by rain and wind.

But, forecasters expect a rapid cool-down by Sunday night into Monday with temperatures being slashed like a clearance sale. The lower 60s high temperature on Sunday afternoon will be cut to around 30-degrees Sunday night.

According to the National Weather Service, upstate New York could be in for another storm system and accumulating snowfall in the early part of next week:

Unsettled weather will bring rain and snow to the area Monday into
Tuesday. There is a chance for accumulating snowfall, mainly near
and north of the New York Thruway.

There is also concern the precipitation mix of rain and snow, coupled with some temperatures raising above, then dipping below the freezing level, could bring freezing rain and travel headaches.

This 'unsettled' system is also expected to bring several bouts of severe weather to the Western part of the U.S. and Midwest through the weekend.

Wildfire in Louisville, Colorado December 2021

Officials estimate that 991 homes were destroyed, lost in wildfires that burned the Centennial Heights neighborhood in Louisville, Colorado on December 30, 2021.

Although most people escaped, some were not so lucky. A week later investigators are still uncovering human remains in the rubble.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but it is clear that the flames were fueled by winter wind that, at times, gusted to more than 100 miles per hour.

As of 2022 it is the most destructive fire in Colorado's history.

Tornadoes Tear Through the US Midwest on December 11, 2021

Tornadoes Tear Through the US Midwest on December 11, 2021 - The twister that killed at least seventy people (dozens more are still missing) carved a swath that could be the longest in Kentucky's history. Residents are being allowed to return to their homes in most cases to try to salvage what they can.

Several tornadoes touched down on Friday, December 10, 2021 throughout the United States' lower Midwest region.

Incredibly Beautiful Ski Season in Ischgl, Austria is Open Once Again After Pandemic

Ski season is open once again in the Tyrolean Alps. But even beautiful Ischgl, Austria cannot keep business owners' minds off of the pandemic.

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