Have you noticed there are not as many fireflies as there were when we were growing up? Well, that's because the firefly population is crashing in CNY.

Who remembers catching fireflies on hot summer nights? You would put them in a jar in your bedroom then let them go the next day. Fireflies are a magical part of summer, and it's so sad that their population is diminishing all over the world.

Why Are Fireflies Disappearing?

Researchers aren't sure, but say it could be light pollution and development.

Too Much Light At Night:

Experts think light pollution as a major factor in the disappearance of fireflies all over the world. Male and female fireflies use their flashing lights to communicate and speak in a 'language of light' for mating and safety.

Growth and Development:

Our fields, forests, marshes, even waterways are disappearing as we continue to develop and expand. Their habitat is disappearing! Fireflies prefer warm, humid temperatures near water like a pond, stream or a river. They flourish as larvae in rotting wood around water and most stay where they are born.

Logging, pollution the increased use of pesticides, and human traffic may also add to destroying firefly habitat and natural prey. Back in the old days, people made money with firefly tours in marshes and forests.

How To Help

  • Turn off outside lights at night.
  • Let logs and natural forest canopy litter accumulate.
  • Create water features in your landscape.
  • Avoid use of pesticides, especially lawn chemicals.
  • Use natural fertilizers.
  • Don't over-mow your lawn.
  • Plant native trees.

Firefly.org says the best thing you can do to support fireflies is stop using lawn chemicals and broad-spectrum pesticides. Firefly larvae eat other undesirable insects, so they are nature's natural pest control.

There is much more information about disappearing fireflies and what we can do to help at Firefly.org.

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