Sledding was banned in Syracuse in 1933 after an 11-year-old boy broke his leg while riding a toboggan at the Westcott Reservoir. Hope you're sitting down for this next gem of information. The ban on sledding stuck for 85 years. That's right if you have ridden a sled in the winter in central New York anywhere in Syracuse you've been breaking the law.

Not to worry the Mayor of Syracuse has come to the rescue to all of us that like to go sledding. Chances are there is really no way to enforce the law. Mayor Walsh made the official announcement Saturday from the top of a hill in Burnet Park, the hill behind Burnet Park's golf clubhouse is the first city-owned slope where sledding will be allowed. And a massive winter snowstorm gave the city a chance to unveil the newly legal sledding spot. A 16 inch blanket of heavy snow fell on the city on Friday. It was the 16 snowiest day on record for Syracuse.

Dozens of snowsuit-clad kids were more than happy to test out the Burnet Park hill. 85 years, it's been a long long wait, Thank You Mr. Mayor.


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