After a tortured development, it looks like the much-talked-about 'Fantastic Four' reboot is finally starting to gain some real traction. The current word is that Simon Kinberg's rewrite of the script is finally finished and going out to actors, who will soon audition in various combinations to see who clicks. Longtime fans of Marvel's first family of superheroes may want to sit down before they see who is being eyed for Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch...

According to Variety, Miles Teller and 'Game of Thrones' stars Richard Madden and Kit Harrington will be reading for the brainy, super-flexible Reed Richards. Kate Mara and Saoirse Ronan will read for Sue Storm, Reed's love interest who can turn invisible and create force fields. Michael B. Jordan is still attached to the literally hot-headed Johnny Storm, but he will participate in the talks to see which combination of actors clicks.

On the surface, there's not too much wrong here. That's a pretty solid line-up of actors and it doesn't surprise us at all that a superhero blockbuster like this would try to snatch up the likes of Teller and Jordan, who are on the verge of breaking out in a huge way. However, there's plenty of room to get nerdy and picky and annoyed.

Let's start with the obvious: this is an awfully young group for a superhero team who has often been defined by their age and experience. After all, Reed Richards has been depicted as a middle-aged guy since the '60s. We don't want to pre-judge, but man, there's just something wrong about making this a team of young people. The only casting that feels spot-on is Jordan as the Human Torch (although we now wonder if he'll still be Sue Storm's brother, considering that they aren't looking at black actresses for that part).

Ah, superhero movie casting. Where else would we get our weekly dose of nitpicking accomplished?

Notably missing from the casting line-up is an actor for Ben Grimm, AKA, The Thing, but he'll most likely be a CGI creation this time around and won't have to be cast until a little later. It will be especially weird to see the Fantastic Four Babies interacting with the rapidly aging X-Men as part of Fox's plan to ape the Marvel Studios movies. Fanboys: start your shuddering!

'Fantastic Four' is currently rushing to meet a July 19, 2015 release date. We're trying to stay positive about this one.

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