People love a good fall-from-grace story almost as much as a good comeback story. It's unfortunate, but true. The worst fall-from-grace, of course, is when someone of prominence suddenly finds themselves behind bars.

Nobody wants to spend even a second in a New York State prison -- or any prison for that matter -- but it's probably even worse for the rich and famous. It's for that very reason, though, that makes those types of stories a little "juicier" for public consumption. It's also maybe a "good feeling" to know that nobody is above the law, although cynical people might argue that isn't true.

The New York State Department of Corrections operates several facilities in Central New York. These include the Mohawk Correctional Facility in Rome (medium security), Marcy Correctional Facility (medium security) and Mid-State Correctional Facility (medium security with a state-run hospital for the mentally ill). These facilities house thousands of inmates between them. And over the years, some pretty distinguished guests have passed through their halls.

Worth noting: While researching this story, we sort of assumed that Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme -- the former Manson Family member who currently lives in Marcy -- did time at one of these facilities, but she did not. None of the CNY prison facilities house females. Instead, Fromme spent her last prison years at The Federal Medical Center, Carswell, an all-female facility in Fort Worth, Texas... which sort of makes her decision to settle in Marcy a little weirder, don't you think?

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