The man known as the Honey Man is lucky to be alive after a terrible accident that occurred on his way to set up his honey stand.

If you drive around the Rochester area, you've probably seen the famous 'Honey Man.' 75-year old Mike Shtengrat sets up his stand around the Penfield/Webster area, selling his homemade jars of honey from his bee farm in Webster. He sits and reads his bible for hours, waiting for his next customer.

Credit - John Kucko Digital

On Tuesday, August 10, Shtengrat was on his way to set up his stand when he was rear-ended by a large dump truck. The crash caused his van to roll over multiple times. Miraculously, Shtengrat is ok. "His seatbelt likely saved his life and it’s a miracle he came out mostly unscathed," said his son Yaro Shtengrat. "He’s aware of all the love everyone is sending his way and he is very appreciative."

Credit - Yaro Shtengrat

Shtengrat suffered no major injuries besides some bruising and a small foot laceration. "He was very fortunate and credits his guardian angel for looking after him," said Yaro. "He is up and walking about, despite my best efforts to try to convince him to take it easy for a few days. He just wants to go back to tend to the bees, which brings him strength and happiness."

Credit - Yaro Shtengrat

Several Honey Man fans want to set up a GoFundMe to help but Yaro says his father doesn't want that. "While he understands everyone’s sentiment and is more appreciative than he can ever express, he asks that people not set up any fundraising accounts at this time."

Instead of raising money, the Honey Man just hopes people get some honey when he is back out at his stand, which from the sounds of it, won't be before too long.

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