As if we couldn't get enough, plans are in the works for a Family Guy comic book.  Read on!


America's favorite family guy is heading to the comics. Seth MacFarlane's hit cartoon show, Family Guy will be made into a comic book. Titans Comics announced on Monday that they will release a series of comic books based on the TV series and will introduce a new storyline featuring the characters on the show.

Comic book resources released the official press release from Titan Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products which reads, "The Family Guy comic series will follow the Griffin family in a string of brand new outrageous storylines, along with fellow Quahog residents Cleveland Brown, Joe Swanson and everyone’s favorite ladies’ man, Glen "Giggity" Quagmire."

Family Guy is in its ninth season and has been a hit with audiences. The show has sold over 25 million volumes on DVD and already has a line of paperback books and a manga series.

ABC News reports that the comics will be drawn by S.L. Gallant, who has worked on "G.I. Joe" and "Torchwood" and Anthony Williams who has worked on "Batman".

The first comic will be released on July 27, 2011.

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