There is a long history of people trying to impersonate famous athletes – a recent example being of a fake Vince Young who posed as the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback and tried to get young women to give him money for his “foundation.”

Nick Lower showed up at Super Bowl week’s Media Day on Tuesday looking an awful lot like New England Patriots’ star Tom Brady, but his motivation for impersonating the popular quarterback doesn’t seem quite so nefarious.

As Lower explained to the press,

This was my Halloween costume this year, so we saw the Patriots were coming to Indianapolis (and) being from Columbia, Mo., we thought we’d take the trip and make an effort to see the Patriots and see them at Media Day.”

Despite the strong resemblances between Lower and Brady, Lower clearly isn’t fooling anyone — he’s wearing a beard while Brady is currently clean shaven.

But the press, who searches for anything interesting to write about on Media Day, surely appreciates Lower’s little stunt. Take a look at another photo of Lower below. Does he look like Brady?

fake tom brady 1

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