This Facebook post has gone viral about Buffalo, New York. As it should. It proves that Buffalo is not only the City of Good Neighbors but also that these snowstorms in Western New York often gets, define us.

After 80+ inches of snow fell in parts of Western New York, a new record was set for the most amount of snow that fell in one day in New York State. I don't think there is any other city in the United States that would be able to handle the snow as Buffalo did.

In fact, reading this viral Facebook post gave me the chills.

Benji Cowart posted something over the weekend during the storm on Facebook and it went absolutely viral. There were two points that really stood out in the post:

"Buffalonians will be turning the wall of snow that locks their front doorway into backup fridges and they'll be sledding off their roofs" and


they'll be digging each other out while telling stories about nastier storms and tougher situations...they'll be checking on their senior adult neighbors to make sure they're ok...they'll be sharing their food, their generators, and their smiles cause this will be another great story to tell one the digging is done...

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