Governor Cuomo was asking boaters to stay off Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and St. Lawrence River over the weekend due to high winds, substantial wave action, and dangerous conditions. 

A Small Craft Advisory was in effect over the weekend due to the high winds causing waves of 4 feet to build to 11 feet and higher in certain locations. A Small Craft Advisory is issued when wind speeds of 18 to 33 knots are expected, and waves of four feet or more exist that could be hazardous to boats and watercrafts.

The video and pictures show the wind and waves in Oswego at the old Steam Station.

Advisories are put into effect to not only protect the boaters but to also keep the first responders safe from any unnecessary risks in dangerous conditions.

Pictures of the storm show picnic tables under the rocks at Rudy's Lakeside Drive-In in Oswego, NY.

Big thanks to Joe Falcetti for the video and amazing photos.

Bonus Video:

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