At least one cooking-related thing is bound to go wrong on Thanksgiving, so it's a good idea to have all those help-lines at your disposal.

The most important number to have at your fingertips is always 911 - just in case something goes really wrong - like that deep-fried turkey taking an explosive turn.

All Your Thanksgiving Help Lines

Butterball: Alexa Skill and Turkey Talk-Line

The Turkey Talk-Line: 800-288-8372 or 844-877-3456 for texts

To access the Butterball Alexa Skill, just say “Alexa, open Butterball…” or “Alexa, ask Butterball…”  You can also reach out to Butterball experts on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

Crisco: Pie and Baking Tips

Crisco has tips and advice on their website - did you know some folks make their pie crust with Crisco instead of butter? More importantly - people make their pie crusts from scratch?

Fleischmann's Yeast Baker's Hotline: Baking


It's not just yeast-related questions, but they'll help you handle issues related to baking in general from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays, except holidays. They're also posting recipes at

King Arthur Baker’s Hotline


They're available for all your flour and baking questions from 4am - 6pm daily through December 31st. Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. Check out their recipes at

Ocean Spray Consumer Help Line


Do we really need instructions on how to open the can? They have recipes and holiday tips at