Nothing is quite like some brand new crisp dollar bills. But the crisp ones have a recognizable smell we all know, but what is it?

There certainly are some cons to those brand spanking new and crisp dollar bills. For instance, they are so new and crisp that it feels like you're passing over way more money than you should be when you make a purchase. For some even the smell is a con to be fair, some think new money smells flat-out horrible. But for the ones that like it, have you ever looked up what gives a dollar bill its distinctive smell?

Let us take care of the grunt work here for you. By grunt work, we mean searching on Google to figure out the answer. One could come up with the thought that it has to be the paper and fibers used to make it. Not entirely. Or at least some believe that's not completely it. Money may acquire its very distinctive smell due to that and another reason that might make you want to stop smelling it.

Now it certainly isn't going to kill you, could you imagine that title in a newspaper? "Man Dies From Sniffing Cash", You'd hardly would believe it. But it is a mixture of cotton and linen for the paper along with the numerous chemicals that create that smell that is addictive. Or at least some think that. Others would say it is actually the ink used to print that is responsible. Long story short, it can't be said exactly why money smells the way it does.

Let's See What An Expert Has To Say

The man above has one solid point though, why would the government ever tell us the exact reason it smells like that? That just leaves the door open for counterfeiting.

Either way, stop sniffing money. Most men sit on their wallets, do you really want to sniff cash now?

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