Ya love to see it, you really do. The Buffalo Bills are going to the Super Bowl? According to this ESPN model yes.

ESPN’s computer model, the Football Power Index, has updated its prediction for the upcoming Super Bowl. It predicts that the best 2 teams with the best chance to win the Super Bowl are the:

Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers

The Football Power Index has a ton of data that you can look at, but specifically, we are looking at the chance that each team will win the Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills have the highest chance to do so in the AFC with an 18.6% chance and the Green Bay Packers have a 23.3 chance to do so.

After that Buffalo Bills game against New England, the chances went up. In fact, it was the first 'perfect' game by an NFL offense ever. There were no punts, no field goals, no turnovers, and no 4th downs. Besides the kneeling at the end of the game, each offensive drive resulted in a Buffalo Bills touchdown. After the game was over, the ESPN computer raised the odds of the Bills making it to the Super Bowl (and winning it for that matter, too.)

The Chiefs are the closes team in the AFC with the best chance. They have a 16.7% chance to win the Super Bowl.

The Buffalo Bills will take on the Kansas City Chiefs, in Kansas City this coming Sunday. Kickoff is 6:30 pm. Bills fans will also be keeping a close eye on the Saturday game between the Tennessee Titans and the Cincinnati Bengals to see, IF the Bills win, where and who they would be playing if the Bills won.

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