The city of Utica has their sights set on purchasing the property that Aqua Vino stands on right now, but what does that mean for the restaurant??

Well, according to the Utica OD, the city will put the land and the building up for sale and then it's anybody's guess. The new owner would either have to buy out the last three years of the twelve-year lease or wait until the lease is up before doing anything different with the property. Of course Rob Esche (whom you've no doubt heard of) and family could buy the land to continue the restaurant and he says that they'll explore that.

According to the city, it's currently their (Utica's) responsibility to maintain the property and they no longer want to shoulder the considerable expense. This way, the city makes some cash on the property instead of spending it.

Don't worry, Aqua Vino's is here to stay for at least the next three years


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