Looking to get away from the snow and cold? Maybe you should take a trip to the US Virgin Islands, where they're PAYING people to come and visit.

Sure, our New York winter hasn't been too cold (yet), but it's still cold enough to make you dream of warm, sunny beaches and an awesome getaway. Even if it's just for a week, now is the time for vacations. States like Florida, California, North and South Carolina, and pretty much any of the southern states are the usual go-to destinations to beat the cold weather. Instead of taking a predictable trip, why not head to the US Virgin Islands? If you stay for three days (or more), they'll give you $300.

Why would a place ever pay someone to visit?? We can understand if they're hurting for tourists or something like that, but that's not the case. It's actually because this year marks their centennial. Now here's the catch (don't panic yet, it's not THAT bad): They don't just hand you three one-hundred-dollar bills or a check, it's a voucher that has to be used doing "touristy" things. They want you to use the money to go on adventures and learn more about the islands. That's not all bad news though, that just means you pay for your flight down and back, where you stay, some food and drinks, and they take care of your entertainment.

Doesn't sound too bad for a vacation, right?! If you want more details or are considering jumping on this offer, you can visit the US Virgin Islands tourism website here.






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