Central New York and the rest of the world is all abuzz about Erin Hamlin going down in Olympic history but there's another local Erin deserving of accolades too. Erin Covey grew up in New Hartford, is based in Connecticut now and whipping up photographic awesomeness in every way possible from shooting weddings and portraits to photojournalism. But when we're paid to do what we love, what happens when we strip the compensation away and just do it for the pure unadulterated joy of our art?


photo: (Day 43) Erin Covey
photo: (Day 43) Erin Covey

Erin started this past New Year's Day and has been putting up a new serendipitous black-and-white portrait every single day since and will keep it up for the rest of the year. Today marks day 43 of 365 and you can catch up here and learn more about the girl behind the camera here.

For a much more extensive article, bio and interview on Erin... Head here ---> [ConnecticutMag]


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