Erie Canal Village is a reconstructed 19th century settlement on the site where the first shovelful of earth was turned for construction of the original Erie Canal. For years it's provided plenty of history, and great memories for families all over.

Every year since 1981 it is the Haunted Nights Festival, this year is no exception. This years festival is highlighted by two scary events and two child friendly events. There will be a haunted hayride, also a train ride for the kids to see the talking pumpkin. The haunted Nights Festival will run October 14 - 15, 21 - 22, and the 28 - 29. The times are from 6 til 9 pm for all the above dates.

Do you remember this classic commercial from 1990?


The Heart Of New York Commercial From 1987

Let's take a trip back to 1987. Spuds MacKenzie made his first appearance in Bud Light commercials, Shelly Long quit Cheers, and "Here I Go Again" from Whitesnake was blasting on your radio. Locally do you remember this ad calling Syracuse the heart of New York?