In case you wondered if you could wait out that cold or that your cough will disappear soon by itself, might wanna think again. The NYS Department of Health says that there is a respiratory virus literally floating around the state this Fall and it could lead to something far more serious if you arent' careful.

This particular microscopic baddie is called enterovirus EV-D68 and can be spotted by the presence of runny nose, sneezing, cough, body aches, and muscle aches (which sounds to me like it could be a thousand different things) but if it turns into wheezing and difficulty breathing, then it's probably the virus. There is really no treatment for it other than to manage symptoms while it runs it's course and it has been known in some rare cases to even cause paralysis. So, best not to get it in the first place.

This virus seems to prey on younger immune systems more than developed ones, so keep an eyeball on your kids as they're deep into the back-to-school season. Additionally, it is transmitted easily either by coming to contact with another infected individual or even touching a surface that they recently have, so handwashing and keeping hands away from orifices is a good idea...

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