If you caught this past week's episode of "Saturday Night Live" on NBC, you may have seen a dog at a podium fielding questions from a podium. It turns out that that dog is from our area!

Per Maggie Gilroy at Pressconnects (you can read her article here), the skit in question was one depicting a press conference with the dog Conan, a Belgian Malinois dog that was a pivotal part of a raid that killed ISIS leader Abu-Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

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The dog that played Conan, Gilroy explains, is from Endwell. Mary Cummings received a call from her dog, Ivan's agent that her dog could be on the show to portray Conan in the skit.

Cummings and Ivan, a German Shepherd, took the trip down to the Big Apple Friday night for rehearsal, and the skit aired live (as the show's name implies) on Saturday night.

You can watch the skit below:

I watched the skit live, but I did not know that the dog was from our area. The skit began with cast member Kate McKinnon, playing KellyAnne Conway, introducing a White House press briefing featuring "Conan".

Ivan then came out with Cecily Strong, playing the role of "Conan's interpreter".

From there, it was mainly reporters asking the dog questions that, well, a dog wouldn't normally (or at all) answer.

There were some points where Ivan was getting a little nervous, restless, and wanted to lie down. It was pretty easy to tell that Strong was trying to hold back from laughing while keeping Ivan in a visible position.

According to Gilroy's article, Cumming is a professional dog handler and owns a kennel and dog grooming studio in Johnson City.

She also has several dogs who have appeared in other television ads, shows and movies.

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