Are you up for the challenge? It starts Sunday at Don Chingon restaurant in Brooklyn. A short 182 miles from our studios, but it could be an uncomfortable ride home. 

While sone of us are looking to shed 30 pounds, others can win a restaurant. If you can polish off a 30-pound burrito, then a 10 percent restaurant ownership is yours.

The Gran Chingon is a massive tortilla filled with pork, chicken, carne asada, rice, beans, four pounds of salsa, three pounds of cheese and a ghost pepper margarita. This mammoth burrito takes 2 hours to make, and they'll only make one per day according to Today food.

Here is the basic info and a few rules:

  • It costs $150 to enter the competition
  • Any order must be placed 24 hours in advance
  • You must finish within an hour - that's 1/2 pound per minute
  • Vomiting and bathroom breaks will disqualify you
  • Eat at your own risk - Don Chingon makes it very clear it won't accept responsibility for death or illness
  • Ownership of Don Chingon or any prizes won during the competition is non-transferable upon death
  • This dish includes one extremely spicy ghost pepper margarita

Did you notice how often death is mentioned?

If you know you can't accomplish this mission alone, but still want to try it out for bragging rights then good news! For two people who can finish the burrito within an hour, each partner will get $500 in cash, a $500 food and beverage credit and restaurant T-shirts. All other rules apply.

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