Are you looking for your family to get a visit from the Easter Bunny before Easter? The firefighters of the Stittville Fire Department are bring the famous bunny to town on a tour.

The firefighters of Stittville Fire Department are giving the Easter Bunny a tour of their district beginning Saturday, March 27th at noon and continuing until around 3:30PM. The fire department reports that the Easter Bunny's tour will end in the hamlet. The Easter Bunny will be riding the Stittville Fire Department's new fire truck.

The Easter Bunny is arriving to help get ready for the special curbside pancake breakfast on Sunday, March 28th. Be sure come out and wave or even hop for the Easter Bunny.

See The Easter Bunny At Breakfast

You can join the Easter Bunny and the Stittville Fire Department for a Special Curbside Pancake Breakfast on Sunday March 28th from 8AM - 11AM.

Due to the continuing concerns for health & safety due to COVID, this year's Breakfast with EB will CURBSIDE ONLY. EB will be on hand outside hopping about and greeting everyone!"

You will find breakfast on Main Street in Stittville. The cost of the breakfast is $7 for adults and $5 for kids breakfast.

Easter Bunny Tracker 2021

Each year the Easter Bunny leaves Easter Island on Easter Eve and brings cheer to kids around the globe. How can you track him? With the Easter Bunny Tracker! According to the tracker, The Easter Bunny often makes his appearance in your hometown between 9PM and midnight on Easter Eve.

While the Easter Bunny is on the move during Easter, the Easter Bunny Tracker will tell you in real-time, the precise location of the Easter Bunny using a sophisticated system that involves radar, satellites, Easter Bunny Helpers, and more high-tech technologies"

You can learn more here.

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