With Easter just around the corner, most kids are focused on one thing (besides being out of school for a week). It's that famous Easter Basket. Over the years, I believe, the contents of the Easter basket have become more and more extravagant...and expensive, I might add. Do they have to be?

What happened to the days where the Easter bunny brought a chocolate rabbit, a few chocolate eggs, some jelly beans and an inexpensive toy such as a kite, jacks, bubbles, or a new jump rope? More common items that the gifting bunny is bringing these days? DVDs seem popular as do video games. Hardly the cost of jump ropes and rubber band airplanes, but these are sign of the times. This year, your's truly, will be consulting the rabbit with thoughts of minimalism. Just enough chocolate to keep them bouncing for a day or two, maybe a kite, or a game (the kind where you have to sit at the table and play with your brother or sister). Who has two thumbs and is not falling for the peer pressure of over-gifting? You guessed. This guy.


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