A small quake this morning shook residences in Northern New York.  It was just before 5 am between Potsdam and Malone, New York. The quake originally was reported to be at a magnitude of 2.9 but lowered by the USGS to 2.7. Fortunately, there were no injuries or damage that was reported.

Photo courtesy of USGS.gov

Chances are this is one earthquake you more than likely did not feel. I grew up in Southern California around San Pedro and earthquakes were really not anything out of the ordinary. Usually, it was a question posed to the person that was close to you. Hey did you feel that? Then a quick answer, yea that was pretty small, and you'd go about your merry way.

Photo credit courtesy of USGS.gov

Most people don't know that earthquakes are not that uncommon in the Adirondack region, and it's actually one of the more seismically active parts of the Northeastern U.S. according to the USGS. In 1944 Massena, Ne York was hit by one of the 3 largest earthquakes in the region at a magnitude of 5.8 and caused millions in damage. Quakes of that size happen every few decades and we've got a ways to go for another one of that size.