The Whitesboro Police Department has put together an action plan to prevent this, but they still could use your help.

Ultimately, these larcenies took place early the morning of December 8th due to vehicles being unlocked. Whitesboro is an area many might feel safe leaving their vehicles unlocked, but this is reasoning enough for many to change their mind.

We are urging residents to make the 9:00 PMRoutine a nightly activity. “Crime prevention doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a minute and do the #9PM routine. Together, we can continue to prevent vehicle and residential burglaries." - Whitesboro Police Department


What Is The 9PM Routine?

That 9 PM routine is "Bring In, Lock Up, Turn On". That means, bring in any items from outside your home that could potentially be stolen. Lock up, as in lock your doors, not only to your house but your car also. Turn on signifies turning on exterior lights as thieves are less likely to break into a vehicle that is in direct light.

One person who commented on the Facebook post by the Whitesboro Police Department mentioned how they have a 2001 Honda Civic and it only takes 30 seconds to make sure their car is locked. The thefts were of the vehicles, but the items of value inside.

How To Help The Whitesboro Police

Where police need your help is by helping them find the suspect. They are looking for information from anyone who has seen a suspicious black SUV. This morning the area hit was Pleasant Street and Linwood Place as well. If you've seen anything, or better yet may even have footage from a doorbell camera, reach out to the Whitesboro Police Department.

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