67-year-old Robert Cook is one lucky guy. This true story is almost unbelievable. 

Cook, a Madison County resident, won the Pennsylvania Elk Lottery not once but twice. The lottery receives more than 24,000 applications for a tag during elk season that ran from October 30- November 4, 2017, and only 25 tags are awarded for bull elk. Can you imagine winning that twice? Wow. He won his first bull tag in 2002 and also downed a bull.

According to Syracuse.com "Cook downed the 832-pound (live weight) bull on Nov. 1, the third day of Pennsylvania's special 6 -day hunting season. He shot it from more than 80 yards away with a 7 mm Remington Mag rifle in Clearfield County located in the western central part of the state." Cook says "It was an 8x9 that green scored 431 6/8. My first tag was in 2002, and I harvested a 7x7 that grossed 381."

Mr. Robert Cook is one lucky guy.

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[Information From Syracuse.com and Wide Open Spaces]

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