As often as American Horror Story stars dip in and out of seasons, few are missed as much as the Murder House cast. Well, we don’t have Connie Britton back just yet, but Dylan McDermott nonetheless hints that a Season 8 return is in our future.

Thus far, series creator Ryan Murphy has played the usual guessing games for Season 8; only alluding to a story set in the future and Sarah Paulson’s dental apparatus-wearing return. Seeing as Murder House and Asylum star Dylan McDermott recently invoked that same “future” tease in response to fan inquiry, however, we’d bet dollars to doughnuts he’ll make a long awaited return in Season 8:

McDermott helped inaugurate the series way back in 2011 with his Murder House role as Ben Harmon, before recurring in the second season as Johnny Morgan, the second “Bloody Face” killer. The actor also recently returned to the FOX family with his new series LA to Vegas, likely enabling an easier American Horror Story return. It’s worth noting, however, that McDermott is also seen as a likely candidate for the Murder House and Coven crossover season, which Murphy has stated will air as Season 9, rather than the eighth.

We’ll see what other familiar Horror Story vets sign on for Season 8, but where and when in the future might it take us?

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