Growing up, my mother would make oatmeal cookie dough and then instead of baking it, she'd somehow miss the oven and the entire bowl would land in our laps while watching TV. We were also known for buying tubes of it at the store and summarily making our favorite delicacy disappear just like our homemade dough. We called it 'treat' and were oblivious to what salmonella was, but we somehow we survived our childhood unscathed.

Then came cookie dough ice cream in the early nineties and suddenly we knew that it wasn't just our crazy family that indulged in this guilty pleasure. It's been 25 years since Ben & Jerry's brought our 'treat' to the public mixed in with french vanilla ice cream, so what next? Enter Dough Boyz cookie dough parlors with eggless cookie dough. I know, right?

The first store popped up in Buffalo and due to it's success, another opened in Niagara Falls and the third opened in Albany as recently as a week ago. Thankfully, a fourth store is on the way also to Destiny USA across from Apple and it can't open up soon enough for this author. In fact it was supposed to open a month ago, but after perusing their FB page and website, there is no confirmation of a new date although wishful thinking dictates that it was delayed only due to the hustle-and-bustle.of the Holidays

They have a dozen unique flavors available from the classic chocolate chip to my mother's oatmeal or peanut butter and they even bust out the pumpkin pie flavor seasonally (which as of this writing, there's still some left!) But the best part? They've somehow found a way not to include raw eggs so there are no health concerns (aside from cavities.) Bookmark this page for an update as to when the new store finally opens!

UPDATE: As of 1/11/2018 the store in Destiny is now OPEN!


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