That's right, the Woodstock 50th celebration is going to be held in not one, but two locations in CNY this year. Not only will concerts be held at the original 1969 spot at Bethel Woods, but there will also be a seperate celebration that same mid-August weekend at Watkins Glen as well. So, you'll have to choose which one you want to go to.

The concert in Watkins Glen is under the original promoters and the original name while the other festival will be under a different name but held at Woodstock's original birthplace. The thought process behind this is that Bethel Woods was deemed too small for the trademarked Woodstock festival to return, but the Bethel people wanted to have their own fun too, given the momentous year.

Promoters for both events vow to return to the roots of the festival and will be controlling every aspect this year so as not to repeat the logistical failings of the '99 festival at Griffiss.

Tickets aren't on sale as of this writing but are expected to be available by the beginning of February. Read more about concert lineups at both places at

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