You'll want to avoid these five common mistakes everyone seems to make when sending out Christmas cards.

If you're like me, you probably enjoy receiving holiday greetings from friends and family. While it's nice to be thought of during the holidays, I can't help but cringe when reading some of the cards I tend to receive every year.

If you're a reader of this website, you know that I'm certainly not immune from typos or spelling mistakes. While we do our best to proofread every story, with thousands of words being typed under a deadline every day, some mistakes will inevitably slip through.

Luckily, we can go back and correct errors on our website when they're discovered. But when writing a Christmas card, those bonehead mistakes will be there forever, staring your friends and family right in the face.

So, before you send out those cards be sure to quickly check out these five common Christmas Card mistakes and make sure you're not guilty of bad grammar this year.

5 Embarrassing Christmas Card Grammar Errors

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