There is a scam going around Central New York. If you get a text from the United States Post Office regarding a package delivery, don't respond! As a matter of fact you should block the incoming number and delete the text! If you engage you could fall victim to 'smishing'. But wait! What the heck is smishing?

Smishing is text harassment. You know how you get those calls from "Potential SPAM Risk"? Or when you get emails stating 'they just want to do business with you"? Smishing is the texting version of those.

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According to News10 ABC, postal officials confirmed that they said they don't text you when they have a package delivery for you. These (smishers)? are trying to get your personal information. Much of the time the text will contain a link. Click that link and it's off to trouble town.

Whether it's text, live phone call or email, they start by trying to gain your trust. It will appear that the message is from someone you might know. Now you lower your defenses but again, don't click any links, don't download anything or try to contact them.

It seems like new scams pop up every day. Stolen identity, tricking the elderly, someone calls and says they need access to your computer so they can 'fix it', meanwhile they are trying to access your information. This stuff has been going on for years just different messages. I remember my grandfather falling for mail that looked like a bill or an invoice but it wasn't. They just wanted to get his money. Don't let them!

Use common sense. If you don't know the number, don't engage.

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