Burger King is amping up their game. First the McWhopper and now the Halloween Whopper.

Burger King is into Halloween this year. Their YouTube channel says "Feed your dark side with Burger King's new A.1. Halloween Whopper. A.1. flavor is baked into the deliciously dark bun. Available for a limited time only."  This is available now at Burger King's locations on Oriskany Blvd and Herkimer Road.

Burger King baked A 1 sauce into the bun to give it the black color and a black pepper flavor. Last year Burger King served up the Black Burger in Japan and they used squid ink and bamboo charcoal to make the bun black. A 1 steak sauce doesn't sound so bad now does it?

We would love to see your photos of you eating this with the black bun stuck in your teeth!!! Send them to us on Facebook!!!

McWhopper First Made In Utica