Over the weekend my girlfriend and I went to dinner. When it came time to pay the bill, I almost left a 50 as a tip. Now I’m a good tipper, but when its horrible service I don’t like tipping a lot. If I lost 50 bucks I would have went crazy thinking I dropped it, or lost it completely. So, for someone to lose over $14,000, that’s just nuts.

In St. Louis, someone accidentally donated over $14,000 to Goodwill. That’s right, accidently. Goodwill officials say they were sorting through a box of donated Christmas wrapping and decorations and found a box filled with cash. They believe that whoever dropped off the items did not mean to donate the cash. So Goodwill is doing the right thing and trying to find the rightful owner of the cash and of course people are coming out of the woodwork to make a claim.

"It turns out that right now, 15 people think they donated the money," Goodwill CEO Lewis Chartock said.

Question…. Why would someone have over $14,000 in a box to begin with? That makes no sense. So, if you lost a large sum of cash and want to take it back from charity give them a call.



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