Just imagine what you would and could do with a half billion dollars! There is a chance that YOU might be the lucky winner and the big day is coming. Start planning for that dream mansion, trip of a lifetime or the opportunity to give back....big time!

There was no winner in the most recent Mega Millions jackpot drawing

My wife was super excited early Saturday as we were having coffee and she saw the news that there was not a winner in what would have been a top ten jackpot in Mega Millions history. Before we could even get the rest of the busy weekend started, we HAD to get some tickets for the next drawing. Never mind that we had t-ball practice, laundry, yard work and three different family parties to get ready for. When the jackpot for Mega Millions gets this big , the dream of a vacation in Fiji or a new house in the Florida Keys is dancing like sugar plums in our heads like kids dreaming of Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. Yes, we have SOOOO many bills to pay and some school loans that would be nice to finally get rid of. But that's peanuts to someone with a HALF BILLION dollars!

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