How would you like Amy Schumer as your neighbor? Well, it sounds like she bought a house in the area.

Amy Schumer stopped into Oneonta's Foothills Performance Arts Center and pulled off an impromptu show 4 days later on (Tuesday, May 29, 2018) with the help of Foothills Manager Bill Youngs and office manager, Geoff Doyle.

Youngs tells All Otsego that he looked up from his desk Friday afternoon (May 24th) and there was Amy Schumer herself, one of the nation’s top comics. They also write:

Having recently moved to the area, she wanted to do a benefit in four days, to test out the material in her upcoming “Amy Schumer And Friends” national tour. [All Otsego]

Later, when All Otsego posted a photo of Amy Schumer fans lined up a block and a half away from Foothills for her sold-out show and they say: Schumer reportedly bought a house in Delhi and was exploring the area when she happened on Foothills last Friday and offered to do the show.

Since we can't find out the definitive answer, we'll keep you posted.

Schumer has found success with her comedy series, "Inside Amy Schumer."  "I Feel Pretty," Snatched," and "Trainwreck" which she not only starred in but also wrote.

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