It was a quiet Sunday night near Saratoga Springs, when all of a sudden, at around 10:43 P.M., a loud explosion was heard. Residents across the area reported the loud noise that shook houses, as the night sky reportedly lit up around them. Some say the sky even took on a brief greenish glow. Freaky.

The Saratoga County Sheriff's office says on their social media page that reports came in from Edinburg, Providence, Galway, Greenfield, Milton and Ballston Spa.

Now, the investigation begins. Local officials say no damage was reported. The National Grid reported that no transformers exploded. The Federal Aviation Administration said there were no issues with any nearby aircraft. There was also no bad weather anywhere near the area as well, according to the National Weather Service.

Spectrum News says the Saratoga sheriff's office has also been in contact with the West Milton Naval Base and even the FBI, and there are still no answers.

So, what was it? When given the reports, one Siena College director says the cause may have been otherworldly. Something not of this Earth?

Valerie Rapson said it could have been a meteor:

It sounds like what they saw was a bolide. It's a large metallic rock that comes in and explodes in the atmosphere.

If so it was a meteor exploding in the upper atmosphere, how big was it? Did any remnants reach the ground? The questions still remain. Did you see or hear anything, or know someone who did?

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