For many, the Columbus Day Weekend marks a final chance to hit the outdoors before cold weather and the holidays take over our lives. New York's DEC is cautioning motorists it will be one of the busiest times of the year for people and animals alike.

As more people hit the trails or take a drive to check out the fall colors, hiking trails will be crowded and parking lots at trailheads will hit capacity early each day. The DEC says it's also a more active time of the year for moose and deer. The combination can make for a dangerous time on the roads.

Several special activities are going on this weekend like The Lake Placid Classic Half Marathon on Saturday. Several roads in the area will be closed or reduced to one lane.
You can always check NY511 for specific road closures and conditions.

And when it comes to avoiding an animal-vehicle collision: The DEC offers these tips:

  • Decrease speed when you approach deer near roadsides. Deer can "bolt" or change direction at the last minute.
  • If you see a deer go across the road, decrease speed, they travel in groups,  expect other deer to follow.
  • Use emergency lights or a headlight signal to warn other drivers when deer are seen on or near the road.
  • Use extreme caution when driving at dawn or dusk, when animal movement is at its highest and visibility is reduced.


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