The NY Department of Environmental Conversation became involved in the Trenton Barn Fire investigation when the structure fire spread into a six-acre wildfire. High temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds all played in spreading the flames, but officials believe it all started with a boiler.

The DEC says while several departments battled the structure fire, 3 other departments battled the wildfire. An outdoor wood boiler started the fire with high winds causing it to spread to the house, barn, several outbuildings and ultimately creating the wildfire.

In all, Rangers fought 22 wildfires across the state last week, with the Trenton blaze offering a sad reminder of just how quickly things can get out of hand when conditions are right. New York has a ban on residential brush burning through May 14 because of the high risk.

Of the 22 wildfires, Trenton was one of two caused by structure fires spreading to fields, 9 were caused by strong winds downing powerlines and causing dry grass to burn, and 8 were the result of people burning debris in violation of the statewide burn ban.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Synakowski family in Trenton recover from the devastating fire.

Photo via Chelsea Sprowell/GoFundMe
Photo via Chelsea Sprowell/GoFundMe

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