Despite the untimely death of Monkees singer Davy Jones earlier in the year, there was never any doubt that his music and legacy would live on. Now, his daughters are making that happen in another way, close to Davy’s heart. The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund has been set up by daughters Talia, Jessica, Sarah & Annabel to provide care for Jones’ stable of horses.

As their Facebook page states, “The DJEMF was created in loving memory of our Father, David T. Jones, to protect and care for the horses he loved.” adding, “Not sure how my dad did it all…but we’re doing our best to keep his legacy alive.”

Jones was actually a semi professional jockey before becoming a famous pop star, and it’s something he had an ongoing love for till his death. He owned 14 horses, including several thoroughbreds, at the time of his death, and rode them on a property in Indiantown. Fla. According to the Miami Hearld, the horses are being tended to at the J-V Ranch in Indiantown at an approximate cost of $5,000 a month. “We’re taking good care of the horses like we always have,” said ranch owner Vicki Rosado. “They’re not starving, they’re not dying.”

The DJEMF is a registered non profit organization with all donations at this time will go towards day to day care of the horses. Fans can make donations through Paypal via a link on the Facebook page.

In the meantime, the other three Monkees have announced a short fall tour, which will in part serve as a tribute to Jones.

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