David Bowie wasn't able to film a return to Twin Peaks for the series revival before his death in January 2016, but show creator David Lynch has managed to bring Bowie's character back anyway — in an episode dedicated to the late star's memory.

Bowie, who appeared in the 1992 Twin Peaks movie Fire Walk With Me, had been heavily rumored to play a part in the third season of the series, currently airing on Showtime to widespread critical acclaim. As previously reported, Bowie's character — FBI agent Philip Jeffries — has been mentioned more than once in the latest batch of episodes, and Lynch invited Bowie to reprise his role, although it was later reported that he was forced to cancel his plans to appear.

In "Part Fourteen," the Twin Peaks episode that premiered Aug. 13, Jeffries actually made his return — albeit in a dream sequence — courtesy of footage from his work in Fire Walk With Me. It may not have been quite the appearance fans had hoped for when rumors of Bowie's Twin Peaks return started making the rounds, but viewers were unsurprisingly emotional after the episode aired.

More affecting still was Lynch's decision to dedicate "Part Fourteen" to Bowie, marked with a dedication to his memory that aired elsewhere in the episode. It all served as a poignant nod to reality from a singularly inscrutable series, which has entered the home stretch for what looks to be the cult favorite's farewell. Twin Peaks has four episodes remaining in its Showtime revival run, which is scheduled to conclude with a two-part finale on Sept. 3.

UPDATE: Phillip Jeffries showed up again on last night's episode. Pitchfork notes that the evil version of Dale Cooper had a conversation with Jeffries, who appeared in the shape of a massive teapot and spoke in smoke. The character was voiced by Nathan Frizell. Showtime subscribers can watch it on Hulu.

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