You grew up watching this classic on TV. Which one are we talking about? Find out in today's edition of your Dirty Laundry.

River Phoenix's Final Performance Hitting Big Screen


River Phoenix's final performance will finally see the light of day. The actor died in 1993 with several weeks left of filming on the movie Dark Blood. As a result, the drama was shelved. But recently Dutch director George Sluizer re-edited the flick and it will have its world premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival on September 27th.


Miley’s House Robbed?


Police were sent to Miley Cyrus' Studio City (California) home on Wednesday after a caller alleged there was a robbery or home invasion in progress, but it turned they were punked. Miley's safe -- out of town.


American Horror Story Season 2


The title of American Horror Story's second season has been revealed. American Horror Story: The Asylum is the official name. The story takes place in an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange.

Meet The New Brady Bunch?


Deadline is reporting that CBS has begun development on a ‘Brady Bunch’ reboot to be co-developed, and executive produced by film funnyman Vince Vaughn, and written by Mike Mariano (‘Raising Hope,’ ‘My Name Is Earl’).


Celebrity Of The Day


In honor of the possible Brady Bunch reboot, let’s honor Vince Vaughn today with our Celebrity Of The Day inside the Classic Reward Club.




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